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Who is Flat Eric?

  • I was famous for a while, back in the day, when I used to cruise around LA with my good friend Angel.
  • Some may say I was a very low-tech, yellow puppet from Levi’s commercials for their Sta-Prest range of denim clothing.
  • Others will say I was built by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop.
  • My name comes from an idea for a commercial where a car would run over my head – happy to say this idea was never used but the name stuck!
  • Then I was featured in the music video for “Flat Beat” by Mr Oizo and I became a superstar – for a while.

Why have a website?

My website is simply here to satisfy my need for fame. These days I am not as famous as I was so I thought it would be interesting for those who want to research who an old has-been is (or was), inform people what I am up to these days and rant about subjects I find interesting…

I know Flat Eric
I remember Flat Beat

Career Highlights…

I was made by Janet Knechtel for Jim Henson’s Creature Shop. I was based on a puppet called Stéphane who was similar to me but with ears and her hands were fixed. Stéphane appeared in some short films by Mr Oizo and had a small cult following in the UK. In 1999, Levi decided to build a television commercial campaign around a puppet, to be directed by Oizo. That is when I was created and named Eric, which was considered a more “international name”.
Around this time I started riding around California with my friend Angel (played by Phillipe Petit), evading the police as a wanted criminal. Levi took the story of Angel and myself and turned it into the television commercials. I was also featured in the music video for “Flat Beat” by Mr Oizo (aka Quentin Dupieux) and became an international superstar.
Since the heady days of the nineties, I have appeared in series 1 of the BBC comedy The Office in 2001. In 2004, I co-starred with David Soul in a five million pound TV advert for Auto Trader magazine. I have also appeared on The Big Breakfast. Once the superstardom faded I was featured heavily for more than 10 years on SIC Radical interactive chat-show Curto Circuito, usually named as “Boneco Amarelo” (Portuguese for “Yellow Puppet”).

New Responsive Design!

Responsive Design Flat Eric’s is now fully responsive so you should be able to view our website on just about any device.

Special Notice!

Everything on my site is published by myself, Flat Eric, and occasionally by a guest writer. From time to time we use other sites as reference sources from which we gather facts and figures to accompany articles we publish. We merely pass on information garnered from these and other sources and add our own little twist to them. Although we do everything within our power to ensure these facts are correct, we will not be held responsible for any inaccuracies made by other sites which we pass on in good faith.
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Some rights are reserved on articles we publish, but – on the whole – if you want to “borrow” a post or article please feel free to do so. All we ask is that you “consider” giving us a mention, but if you decide not to then that is cool also. However, please understand Flat Eric is intellectual property, © and ™ of Jim Henson’s Creature Shop. We would also like to thank @nabu for his Masthead artwork which we have “borrowed”.

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